Sunday, April 06, 2008

Good Friends

Ryan & Melanie

Ammon & Chalise

David (Mark's brother) & Lis

The kids - Addie (Ammon & Chalise's), Ethan, Liv and Cada (Ryan & Melanie's)

Melanie & I are both due (it's her second) the same week. She is having a boy.

We have some great friends here in Cedar that we are going to miss a lot! It's been fun to hang out and relax with these guys over the last few months. All of us wives in the group also had scrapbook nights every Thursday night that I always looked forward to. We usually ended up talking and watching The Office more than actually accomplishing anything but, hey, it was really just an excuse for us to get together anyway. It was always fun! Last Friday we all got together for one last big party and had a blast. We will miss you guys!


Steve, Laura and Family said...

you're lookin super cute...and love the shirt, haha.

The Brown Family said...

David looks like Earl! Was that what he was going for? hahaha!
Liz looks cute

The Clarks said...

Emily! You look darling!!! So where are you guys at? Utah, Colorado??? I am getting so anxious to get out there!!! I almost have everything packed up! yeah! I wish we were leaving tomorrow!!!

The Clarks said...

oh and I was going to say...we should all go out to dinner if you guys are in utah one last early dinner:)