Saturday, February 09, 2008

Ethan's Tooth

Ethan just lost his very first tooth! He was very excited when it became loose and has been playing with it everyday to make sure it fell out sooner than later. Today he gave it a little tug and out it came! He's very happy!


Steve, Laura and Family said...

YAY Ethan!!! That's so cool! You know Em, this means that he's a real kid now....not so little anymore. Sad....but fun. Way to go bud!!

Aubs said...

When Kenz saw this pictures she said, "Wow! Ethan looks pretty scarry with his tooth gone!" I thought it was pretty funny.
I can't believe he lost a tooth already. I thought you didn't loose them until you were 6-8!
Did the tooth fairy come?

The Clarks said...

Ahhh loose teeth freak me out! When I use to coach gymnastics, I had atleast one gymnast come up to me every week, and show me how loose their tooth was getting! Ahhhh It would drive me crazy, its like fingers on a chalk board for me!!!