Saturday, January 12, 2008

The sign of pregnancy

When we told the kids that I was going to have another baby, they just kept looking at my stomach and they couldn't figure out why I didn't look pregnant already. Ethan has been asking me when I'm going to "get fat," since that is how they view being pregnant, I suppose. Well, apparently I am starting to look pregnant cause Ethan told me yesterday that I was "finally getting fat." Good for me.

This third time around has already been tougher on me than the first two but I guess, in this case, being sick is a good sign. I go see my DR. next week, my 10th week, so hopefully we will have some more info to share at that time.


Aubs said...

I'm sure you are very cute when you are pregnant. You probably just get a little belly in the front and people can't tell you are pregnant from behind. I wish you the best in your pregnancy.

The Clarks said...

ha ha! that is hilarious! Ya I am getting nervous for the draft...only bc they are making it this huge deal! But I am excited to find out where we will go. I will have our summer planned out by next week:) jk but I am excited to do my research and find cool stuff to do. Gymnastics, swimming...ect... You are going to the draft right?